Our Sales Process

Switch to Solar is a different kind of solar installation company. Our philosophy of giving you all of the information you need to make a fully-informed decision without the constant stress of a sales person breathing down your neck means that our customers get honest answers, not sales pressure.

We’re based in Maryland and have been installing solar panels in Maryland, DC and Virginia for the last ten years. Our neighbors are your neighbors; they trust us because we give them the time and information necessary to make the right solar energy choice.

Low Cost, No Hassle Solar Energy Quotes

You won’t find hard-charging sales people at Switch to Solar, just a dedicated team of solar installers who treat you the way you’d want to be treated:

  1. We’ve streamlined the sales process to make getting a solar installation estimate as easy and stress-free as possible. Our online tools and quick phone assessments eliminate the need for pushy sales people and aggressive sales calls. And it all begins with our five-minute free solar energy quote request.
  2. After we confirm a few details about your energy usage, we’ll provide you with a solar energy installation proposal. Inside, you’ll find hard numbers for how much money you’ll save, and make, with solar power.
  3. Our costs to install your solar panels are lower than our competitors, because we’ve removed the extra overhead of a sales team and passed those savings on to you

What You’ll Find in Our Solar Installation Proposal

Switch to Solar’s solar energy estimates are individually tailored to your home or business’s unique needs. Each proposal includes:

  1. Photos that project how your solar panels will look on your roof
  2. Real-world energy production figures that show you exactly how much of your energy usage solar power will provide, even on days with inclement weather
  3. Most importantly, our solar installation quotes show you the actual cost of the system, without any hidden fees or additional expenses. This information includes:
    1. The overall solar panel installation cost
    2. The incentives and rebates you’ll receive by switching to solar energy (30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, state rebate, county tax credit, SRECs*)
    3. How much money your solar energy system will generate for you over time, and exactly when you’ll start turning a profit on your investment

If you like our proposal and want to move forward with us, our next step is to visit your home or business to confirm measurements and other details. It’s as simple as that!

It Pays to Switch to Solar. Contact us to get started!

* SREC = Solar Renewable Energy Certificates. We obtain the long term contracts for you, where third parties pay you for the solar attribute of your system, not the energy itself. It’s a form of additional income for you. Learn more about Solar Renewable Energy Certificates here.

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