Switch installed our solar panels in June of 2011 and we’ve been more than happy with both the PV system and Switch’s services.

From having minor issues that Chris quickly came out and remedied, to a more extensive problem that, again, Chris and Switch were responsive in working with Enphase in fixing, the quality and customer service that Switch offers is beyond reproach..

We recommend Switch to Solar without reservation.

W. Patterson
Alexandria VA


Couldn’t ask for greater people to work with – honest, knowledgeable, helpful and super nice! Thank you Switch To Solar and Stephanie for all you do!

Ibi S.
Gaithersburg, MD

Excellent customer service and very knowledgeable about all aspects of solar.

Ann M.
Clarksburg, MD

They are fantastic people to work with. Not just a great product, but reliable, friendly and knowledgeable!

Lynne K.

Switch installed a fairly large solar array and battery backup almost three years ago  (2011) at my residence.  Chris and company did an excellent, professional layout of what it would take and costs and options.  We have had a number of power outages because of aging trees on our road so I decided I wanted the battery backup so I would not lose my refrigerator food. I was not disappointed during the  2012 Deracho.  We lost power for days,  but not me, kept all the food on three refrigerators and stayed cool with the fans.  I even was able to keep my pool clean with the small scrubber hooked up to a powered outlet.  We had people coming to our house to charge their cell phones! Strongly recommend.

Jim S.
Fairfax, VA


I began by researching solar energy and the complexity of installing it in an urban setting and in particular, a historic district within the District of Columbia.  To my surprise, I found that it really wasn’t that difficult but there was still a process that had to be followed in order to connect to the grid.  I scheduled appointments with several solar installers to provide me a quote and an installation plan for my solar project.  Before I made my decision, I also visited a home that had recently installed solar panels and this is how I got introduced to Switch Energy.
Immediately my experience was more personalized.  When Switch Energy came to provide me an assessment of solar opportunities, the owner, Chris Graves, had already prepared a calculation of how much solar energy I would generate based on the angle of my roof and the surface area that could be covered without any of the panels being shaded by trees, party walls or chimneys.  In addition, Chris was the only installer to suggest leveraging the party walls between the adjoining homes rather than placing the panels directly on my roof.  All the other companies had indicated that I would have to fasten the panels to my roof which meant penetration of the roof membrane which could cause the roof to leak over time.
With Switch Energy, they proposed mounting the panels on beams that spanned the width of my roof.  This allowed for more panels to be installed and the assurance that the panels would not be shaded by either of the adjoining properties.  This also solved the problem of penetrating the roof membrane.  Chris walked me through the process of seeking my neighbors’ consent to leverage the party walls for the support structure of the panels.  In addition, Chris coordinated the permits that were needed and the filing of the distributed generation application with the local utility.  In my situation, Chris also had to work with a historical trust to ensure that the panels were not visible from a public space since my home has a façade easement.
Because the only roof access in my home is through the crawl space in the attic, Chris and his crew always removed their shoes when they entered my home.  Each day they cleaned up the work space and completed the job on time and on budget.  After installation, Chris demonstrated how the system operated and helped me file the paperwork to sell renewable energy credits to a clearinghouse which provides another incentive to install solar in a residential setting.
Since installation, the system has worked flawlessly and I have saved about 25% of my electric costs pre-solar on an annual basis.  I did experience a fault on the system at one point and I called Switch and they came out right away to investigate.  They ordered and replaced the faulty part that was most likely damaged from a storm and did so at no cost.
I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Switch Energy.  I always felt that I was in good hands with trustworthy people.  I left the crew with keys to my home and knew that everything would be as I left it.  In addition, Switch Energy warrantied the system for 15 years.  This speaks to the commitment of Switch’s product and team of professionals.

Rich W.
Washington, DC


We chose Chris because he was the only one who could deliver US-made panels for a competitive price.  He was very accommodating to any preferences while negotiating the contract terms.  No changes on either side were required due to carefully going over everything before signing.  He is also a Maryland company which was preferred.  His team was very timely and hard working, completing the job in a reasonable timeframe.  They have performed well for almost a year now.  One minor glitch in the software of two of the 47 micro-inverters was fixed in a proactive fashion by Chris working with Enphase remotely.  No further work on our roof has been needed since the original installation.  We are very satisfied with this project.

David D.
Columbia, MD


We chose Switch as the installer for our solar photovoltaic system because we were particularly impressed by Chris Graves’ careful analysis of our situation, the thorough research he did in consultation with DC permit officials, and clear explanations of what was needed. We are quite pleased with our resulting energy production.

Carol F.
Washington, DC


Chris Graves, the owner, was one of three solar system installers we contacted.  He was very professional and explained all aspects of the system we would need.  I did not want to use solar panels manufactured in China.  He found a number of different manufactures that were either in the US or Canada.  We went through all the pluses and minuses of each manufacturer and agreed on one that were both cost effective and good quality.  He installed them within the time frame that we agreed to, despite the snowiest winter.  We were receiving state grants and he also helped us through that process.
I would highly recommend Switch and Chris Graves.

Barbara J.
Arlington, VA


My husband and I hired Switch Renewable Energy to install our photovoltaic solar system after founder and owner, Chris Graves, did an incredible job educating the Mt. Pleasant Solar Cooperative members on solar energy and rooftop systems. Switch’s execution of the project reflected Chris Graves’ personal commitment to safety and long-term energy efficiency. Not only did Switch find a way to avoid driving 1′ anchor bolts into the walls of our 90+-year-old-home, the company ran the wiring from the rooftop panels to the inverter box in the basement behind the walls, leaving no unsightly wiring dangling in our family room. The installation took a little longer than we all had hoped, but it finished on budget and our system is generating about 2 kilowatts of energy each day.

Cynthia F.
Washington, DC


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