Not Your Father’s Solar Panels – Examining 4 Uniquely Beautiful Solar Panel Installations

Occasionally at Switch to Solar, we’ll hear from customers who just don’t like the black, boxy look of typical solar panels. And many of these customers are surprised to learn just how flexible and beautiful an installed solar energy at your home or business can be. With solar panels becoming more aesthetically pleasing over the years, Switch to Solar has a number of ways to incorporate solar power into your home’s design. Let’s take a look at four solar panel design options you might not have realized were possible.

Patio solar panelsPatio Covering:
Did you know that solar panels can be installed as a patio cover? Bi-facial solar panels (also known as BIPV panels) backed by glass allow light that isn’t converted to electricity to pass through the panel. Staying cool and out of the sun while generating solar energy? Sounds like a win/win! If you choose this option, Switch to Solar would select semi-transparent solar panels that would pass approximately 15% of the sunlight through to you, while capturing the rest as electricity.


Custom Solar Panel AwningCustom Awning Bracket: This home in Seattle installed a custom solar panel awning for its solar energy needs. Switch to Solar can design a unique solar installation for your home that can become a conversation piece in the neighborhood.


solar carportSolar Carports:
 If you’re looking for a bit of protection from the elements when you’re getting into your car at home or walking through the parking lot at your business, why not consider a solar carport? These types of solar panel installations are especially valuable for businesses, as they turn existing space into a revenue-generating asset.


Solar louvers (also known as solar shades)Solar Shades/Louvers: Window shades and louvers are another design feature on your home or office building that can be turned into a solar energy collection point. Solar shades (also known as solar louvers) serve a dual purpose: they keep your building’s interior cool while generating clean, renewable energy. That’s a double-whammy to your electric bill, with a pretty cool design to boot.

The above are just a few of the options Switch to Solar has when designing a solar panel installation for your home or business. If you’d like to discuss what solar panels would look like on your property, please contact Switch to Solar for a free solar energy installation quote.

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