Exploring the Economics of a Switch to Solar Co-Op

The Economics of Solar Co-Ops

If you’ve ever considered installing solar panels on your home or business but been put off by solar installation costs, you may want to consider a more affordable solar power solution that brings you and your neighbors together for savings: a Solar Co-Op. A Solar Co-Op is a group of people who come together to purchase solar energy systems in bulk in order to receive a significant discount on their solar panel installation. These groups may be comprised of people within a particular neighborhood, organization (for example, a church), or community (like a group of local businesses), and they often realize savings on solar power installation of 20% or more.

These savings come from multiple sources, some of which you might not be aware of, so today we’re examining the economics of Solar Co-Ops to help you understand how much you can save on solar panel installation through a Co-Op:

  • Lower Costs: Switch to Solar’s Co-Op program lowers the cost of installing solar panels substantially. Our Co-Op solar installation pricing is typically 20% below the individual solar installation market price and is valid regardless of how many people participate in the Co-Op. By working directly with Switch as your solar installer, you also remove the middle man from a typical solar Co-Op. This arrangement eliminates additional commissions and fees that would drive up your cost. All told, when combined with generous federal tax incentives, a Solar Co-Op will save you 50% or more on your solar energy installation cost.
  • Better Financing: Switch to Solar Co-Ops provide at least two solar energy financing partners who are ready to configure a financing arrangement customized to your budget. These solar financing packages are designed to give you the maximum financial benefit, unlike our national competitors. The reason is that only the owner of a solar energy system is eligible to receive the maximum tax and energy credits available for installing solar panels. And these savings really add up: the typical Switch to Solar customer installs their solar energy system for $0 down and makes well over $32,000 in profit during the system’s lifetime.
  • Time Savings: Solar Co-Ops make the process of switching to solar power as easy as possible by doing all the research for you. We give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, putting information like solar installation pricing and investment return in writing for you to review as well as setting up in-person Q&A sessions for your group to answer all your questions about solar power.

As you can see, Switch to Solar’s Co-Op program offers significant savings on home and business solar installation costs. If you have any questions about how to get a Solar Co-Op started in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, please contact Switch to Solar. We’ll be happy to offer you 100% transparent advice on how to save and earn money from solar power.

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