Switching to Solar at Work

Solar for Your BusinessMore and more companies are recognizing the business benefits of solar energy, and it’s not just the big boys. Small to medium-sized businesses in a whole host of industries are making the switch to solar:

  • Retail
  • Auto dealerships
  • Wineries
  • Restaurants
  • Drug stores
  • And more!

Why Switch to Solar?

Businesses are increasingly switching to solar energy systems for several reasons:

  • Excellent returns on investment
  • “Free” power after the solar panel installation investment is paid back
  • Long-term fixed rates for power that hedge against rising utility costs
  • Viable use of company capital
  • Reduced dependence on unstable utility power
  • Improved public image and relationships with community, employees, and customers
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced operating costs

For these reasons and more, many companies are finding that switching to solar makes good business sense. Learn more about how a solar energy system can help your business save cost and even earn money.

Financing Your System

Your business has the option of buying a solar energy system outright, leasing solar panel output from a system, or simply purchasing solar energy produced by solar power. We have financing partners for those clients who are looking for alternatives to their traditional sources.

To improve both your return on investment and your energy savings, we can bundle your solar electricity project with a package of energy efficiency improvements. In many cases, we can finance a solar energy package in such a way that the total energy savings more than covers the periodic financing payments for the project. Learn more.


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