Solar for Your Community

Switch to Solar has saved our friends and neighbors in Maryland, DC and Virginia thousands on their electric bills by installing solar energy systems, and we’d like to do the same for you. We offer several options for residents, businesses and organizations interested in saving, and making, money through solar power:

Solar Co-Op and Group Purchase Programs

Switch to Solar’s Co-Op program offers significant savings on home and business solar installation costs by bringing individuals together to buy and install solar power systems in bulk. These discounted solar installations are available to any group of purchasers: people within a particular neighborhood, members of an organization (for example, a church or non-profit), or a community (like a group of local businesses). Visit our solar co-op page to learn more about how to save on your solar installations, email us at or call (301) 740.8233.

Community Solar

Also known as solar gardens or solar farms, Community Solar facilities are larger-scale solar plants that provide clean power and cost savings to nearby homes and businesses which might not otherwise be able to generate their own solar energy. Switch to Solar serves as your Community Solar project developer, designing, building and maintaining the solar energy plant on public or private land within the community. People within a Community Solar plant’s supply area can then choose to purchase clean energy generated from the plant, often at a lower price than current utility providers are offering. To explore the possibility of a Community Solar plant in your area, landowners and community members can visit our Community Solar webpagecontact Switch to Solar or call (301) 740.8233.

Invest in a Local Solar Energy Installation Project

Solar energy is an excellent investment – the average Switch to Solar customer will earn $32,000 from their system over its lifetime, and these returns only increase with a project’s scale. Switch to Solar is looking for individuals or businesses in Maryland, DC or Virginia interested in investing in larger-scale local solar power projects. If you’d like to know more, please visit our solar energy investment opportunities page, contact Switch to Solar, or call Chris Graves at (301) 740.8233.


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