Invest in a Local Project

Switch to Solar is looking for individuals or businesses in Maryland, DC or Virginia interested in investing in local solar power projects.

There are three types of projects for which we are developing a pool of equity funds:

  • Solar gardens. Community residents who wish to site a solar power plant on community property are looking for equity support from one or more sources outside the immediate community.
  • Independent solar energy plant. Equity funding would purchase underutilized or brownfield property inside the load pocket where a solar energy plant could be built, owned and operated by local investors.
  • Third party solar energy plant. Equity funding would build, own and operate a solar energy plant sited at a local non-profit or business that will purchase the energy through a PPA agreement.

The potential solar energy plants would range in size from about 20 kWs to 250 kWs. On the high end, the total capital commitment would be between $320,000 and $400,000. This commitment would most likely come from multiple investors.

Solar gardens and other local solar power opportunities are ideal for small investors interested in giving back to the community while earning a good return.

If you’re interested in investing in solar energy projects such as these, please call Chris Graves of Switch to Solar at 301-740-8233.

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