Solar Co-Op and Group Purchase Programs

Switch to Solar’s Co-Op program offers significant savings on home and business solar installation costs by bringing individuals together to buy and install solar power systems in bulk. Our Solar Co-Op programs are ideal if you are:

  • Interested in installing solar power and think your neighbors might be as well
  • Not sure about your neighbors, but would still like to install solar power and are interested in discussing discounts if some of them were to sign up
  • Curious about solar power and want to know more about just how much money you’ll save (and make!) from a solar energy system

In any of these cases, we’re happy come out and talk with you or your group about putting a Solar Co-Op together. We’ll even bring refreshments! To get started, email us at or call us at (301) 740.8233. You can also browse our detailed Solar Co-Op information below.

Switch to Solar is organizing neighborhood solar installations for Maryland communities in Montgomery, Frederick, and Howard counties this winter, and we hope to hear from you soon!

What is a Switch to Solar Co-Op?

Simply put, a Switch to Solar Co-Op is a group of people who come together to purchase solar energy systems in bulk. These groups may be comprised of people within a particular neighborhood, organization (for example, a church), or community (like a group of local businesses). Switch to Solar provides the organization and expertise to set up the group, acting as the manager and agent of the Co-Op to secure the best prices possible on solar panels and system installation.

What are the Benefits of a Switch to Solar Co-Op?

  • Lower Costs: Switch to Solar’s Co-Op program lowers the cost of installing solar panels substantially. Our Co-Op solar installation pricing is typically 20% below the individual solar installation market price and is valid regardless of how many people participate in the Co-Op. By working directly with Switch as your solar installer, you also remove the middle man from a typical solar Co-Op. This arrangement eliminates additional commissions and fees that would drive up your cost.
  • Time Savings: Solar Co-Ops make the process of switching to solar power as easy as possible by doing all the research for you. We give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, putting information like solar installation pricing and investment return in writing for you to review as well as setting up in-person Q&A sessions for your group to answer all your questions about solar power.
  • Transparency: We’re the solar installation company you go to for honest answers, not sales pressure. All the information you need to make the right solar energy choice for your home or business is transparent and immediately available: pricing, system configurations, contract terms, etc.
  • Better Financing: Switch to Solar Co-Ops provide at least two solar energy financing partners who are ready to configure an arrangement customized to your budget. These financing packages are designed to give you the maximum financial benefit, unlike our national competitors.

How a Switch to Solar Co-Op Works

  1. We create an online website specifically dedicated to your Co-Op. Features of the site include:
    • Easy on-line sign-up
    • Details including solar installation pricing, solar energy output projections, and equipment specifications for different roof configurations
    • Online Co-Op participation and installation tracking
    • Details for different solar energy financing options
    • A schedule of local presentations and Q&A meetings
    • An online forum for participants to share information and pose questions to us and each other
  2. We develop standard pricing for a certain number of solar energy system configurations (different solar panel arrangements, solar energy production levels, etc.)
  3. During the sign-up period we promote participation in the Co-Op with a solar energy champion, an individual who helps us get the word out about solar power in their community, organization or neighborhood, advertising both online and through existing community groups and neighborhood associations.
    • If we achieve a critical mass of participants during the sign-up period, we’ll go out in the marketplace to negotiate with vendors for even better pricing.
    • Typically, a solar Co-Op sign up process last two months
  4. We bring at least two solar energy financing partners ready to configure a financing arrangement customized to your budget. In all cases, the financing arrangements enable you to collect the various solar incentives directly.
  5. Everything is transparent and immediately available: pricing, system configurations, contract terms, etc.
  6. All systems come with the Switch to Solar’s industry-leading 15-year “Everything” warranty PLUS a free checkup and fully extended manufacturer warranties

Why Our Customers Love Solar Co-Ops

  1. Solar Co-Ops are easy and hassle-free. We do all the leg work so you don’t have to.
  2. Switch to Solar’s credentials are transparent; we’re happy to provide references, and you can view our licenses, testimonials and various solar installations on our website.
  3. Our solar installation pricing is straightforward and simple.
  4. We give you clear guidance on how to choose between the different solar energy options
  5. Purchasing solar energy systems through a co-op is much less expensive than installing solar power as an individual homeowner
  6. You’ll join your neighbors in saving on your electric bill and making money from solar power

FAQs about Solar Co-Ops

Q: How many people does it take to form a solar co-op?

A: We guarantee our solar Co-Op installation discount to anyone regardless of how many people participate.

Q: What are the potential price savings of installing solar panels through a solar Co-Op?

A: Solar Co-Op participants typically save 20% off our already unbeatable standard solar installation rate. These savings come on top of a minimum 30% discount you’ll receive in additional solar energy tax credits and incentives, plus the savings from reduced or eliminated utility bills that our typical customer experiences. For most customers, a 50% cut in their electric bill from solar power means a savings of over $1,000 per year.

Q: How long will the solar co-op promotion stay open?

A: Two months, on average

Q: What should you do if you are interested?

A: Email us at or call (866) 387.4122 today!


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