Routine Maintenance of Your Solar Power System

One of the biggest advantages of installing a solar power system for your home or business is that solar panels typically require very little maintenance. Every solar energy system is slightly different, however, and so Switch to Solar has provided a basic solar energy maintenance guide below. Switch to Solar also offers solar power maintenance and service contracts if you’d like the work performed by a professional.

To ensure that your solar power system continues to perform at peak levels, you should periodically:

  • Inspect your solar panels for dirt and dust, structural integrity, and damage
  • Inspect the weather sealing and roof penetrations underneath your solar panels
  • Inspect your solar energy system’s wiring connections and terminations for corrosion and tightness
  • Inspect the wiring harnesses to ensure they are neatly bundled and protected
  • Inspect your solar power system’s batteries for signs of needed maintenance or replacement

A typical residential or commercial solar power system will only require annual inspections. Solar electric systems that use batteries may need maintenance every four to six months, in addition to periodic battery replacement.

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