Affordability & Financing Options

At Switch to Solar, we’ve saved our neighbors thousands on their solar power installations by helping them identify the most affordable and financially beneficial ways to make the switch to solar.

Affordability & Financing SolarSolar Energy Puts Cash in Your Pocket

Most people understand that they can save money by switching to a home solar energy system. The electricity your solar panels generate replaces the electricity you previously bought from your utility. Our typical customer cuts their utility bill by 50% or more, generating a savings of over $1,000 per year that goes a long way toward offsetting the upfront cost of installing your solar panels.

However, there are other financial benefits of making the switch to solar. It helps to think of home solar power as an investment. You buy it just like you would by a stock, bond or real estate, and during your ownership, it generates cash, ultimately paying back your initial investment and providing a return.

  • On average, solar pays for itself within 8 years. From there, it actually earns you money. In its first 25 years, our typical installation has paid our customers over $32,000 more than it cost.
  • Solar installations are cheaper than they’ve ever been. With generous government incentives you can cut the system cost by a minimum of 30%.
  • Thinking of moving? The installed solar energy system above would increase your home’s value by $20,000.

Financing Your Home Solar Energy System

Thanks to Switch to Solar’s $0 down financing packages, you can start earning money from solar power at no upfront cost to you!

While many of our competitors offer solar leases and electricity purchasing programs, our solar financing packages are designed to give you the maximum financial benefit, unlike our national competitors. Learn how the Switch approach to solar financing out-performs solar leases and power purchase agreements, or get the details on Switch to Solar’s current financing packages.

Building Your Home Solar Energy System in Phases

Many people recognize the benefits of installing a solar energy system in their home, but have limited financial resources. Because we have the flexibility to design exactly the right system, we can help you convert your home to solar power in stages. This flexible installation approach allows you to add capacity to your system as your budget permits.

Switch to Solar can work with you to develop a long-term plan that accounts for not only the solar energy components, but also for the engineering and permitting costs as well

Get an estimate, customized to your energy goals and budget, from the best, most-trusted solar installer in your community.

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