Solar Power for Your Home

Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity in order to provide your home with clean, renewable energy for decades.

Types of Systems

Switch to Solar installs three types of home solar energy systems:

Grid-Tied Systems

A grid-tied home solar power system generates electricity only when the sun is out. If the system generates more electricity than your home is currently using, the excess automatically flows back to the grid and you receive a credit for the amount of electricity you generated from solar power on your utility bill.

Stand-Alone Home Solar Power Systems

For those who are not connected to the utility grid, Switch to Solar offers stand-alone solar electric power systems. In this configuration, a bank of batteries stores excess electricity generated by your solar panels in order to provide power at night and on cloudy days.

Grid-Tied/Battery Backup

A grid-tied/battery back-up home solar energy system is a hybrid of the grid-tied and stand-alone types. This system provides solar power when the utility grid is up and emergency power from both solar and batteries when the grid is down.

In the event of a neighborhood electrical outage, a central smart inverter disconnects from the main service panel, allowing your home to continue using electricity generated from solar or stored in your battery backups without endangering utility personnel who may be working on electrical wiring outside your home.

Evaluating Your Home for Solar

In order for your home to benefit from solar, your roof must have good solar exposure (known as insolation). Ideally, this means you have a south-facing roof and that your home is not shaded by trees, power lines or other structures.

Your roof isn’t the only place we can install solar panels. Good insolation can be achieved by mounting solar panels on the ground, on poles, or on awnings.

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