About Us

We are a full-service designer and installer of solar electric and solar space heating systems for residential and commercial customers. We are locally owned and operated. We’re a small business that can give you the individualized service and attention that you don’t get from our large national competitors.

We know you want the right system, all of the incentives to which you are entitled, and financing (if necessary) for a good price and with a minimum of hassle. And that is exactly what we mean by full service. We’re not happy until you are!

And because you want a minimum of hassle, we do not use sales people or try to upsell. This takes the pressure off of you, keeps your costs down, and lowers your stress level.

We offer:

  • Designs reviewed by a third party structural engineer and master electrician
  • Installation crews with over 10 years’ experience in electric and residential remodeling
  • Grid-tied, battery back-up, and off-grid systems, as well as direct grid-tied systems
  • A wide variety of systems to suit your particular circumstances; we’re not tied to a particular manufacturer like many dealers
  • Financing
  • Best prices in the region
  • 10-year warranty plus manufacturer’s warranties ranging up to 25 years

Because we want you to be happy with your system, Switch to Solar is your solar partner for the life of the system.

We’ve been in business since 2006, and we’re a licensed and bonded: VA Class A contractor, MD MHIC, DC HIC.

Our Mission

We see solar as a critical part of the nation’s energy portfolio. We believe that solar energy systems are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to large-scale, fossil-fuel power plants. However, many solar companies focus on large solar plants, which are similar to fossil-fuel plants in that they are located  far from where the energy is needed.

You need the energy in your home, office building, or community, so why get it from a place that is located at a distance from where you need it? We mount solar assets on buildings, poles, or on the ground where the load actually is. This reduces the need for remotely located, large-scale centralized plants. This also lessens the need for costly transmission lines, minimizes line losses, and bolsters the local distribution grids.

Our Guiding Principles

In carrying out our mission, Switch to Solar is committed to both you and our employees. When we design and install a system we consider the job done only if you are completely satisfied. In the tradition of true craftsmanship, we can’t take pleasure in our work unless you are happy with the results.

This pride of workmanship extends through the life of the system. A system is meant to perform at a high level for a minimum of 25 to 30 years, which makes Switch-to-Solar your system partner until your system has reached the end of its expected life.

Our Employees

We see our employees as craftsmen. Many companies try to minimize costs by farming out phases of the work to specialists – roofers to install the racking system, contractors to install the modules, electricians to do all of the wiring, and so forth.

This is perfectly sensible, but we feel the path of specialization can at some point come at the cost of quality, the ability to customize for individual customers, and developing the full power of our employees’ talents.

Our approach is to keep as much of the work as possible in-house and to encourage our people to participate in all aspects of the business. In addition to pushing our people to develop substantial skills in multiple trades, we also encourage them to improve themselves personally.

We recognize that our employees have a life outside of their work here and that to achieve things on that front also requires certain skills. To the extent we can, we support our employees in developing those skills in such ways as volunteer work and personal finance training.

By focusing on both our customers and our employees, we hope we have found a way to genuinely optimize the trade-off between minimizing costs on the one hand and maximizing quality, customer satisfaction, and our employees’ professional and personal development on the other.

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